Učka is the highest Istrian mountain and an area with many reminders of how man can live on the mountain and with the mountain. For centuries, people survived here by tending to domestic animals, cultivating land and using the forest. Human hands have left only good traces – changing the landscape only to the extent that was necessary for harmonious survival in nature, and no more than that. The mountain has been changing its faces over time, but its biodiversity remains preserved.
The highest peak of the mountain and the Istrian peninsula is Vojak (1,401 meters). On its top, the mountain is marked by exposed grasslands growing on steep slopes. A stone tower was built on the very peak back in 1911. The tower is a sightseeing point providing a majestic panorama of Istria, the bay of the city of Rijeka, the northern part of the Adriatic and its islands, the Gorski kotar region, and mountains of Velebit and Ćićarija. When bora wind clears the air, one can also see Venice, the bay of Trieste, the Julian Alps, and the Dolomites in Italy.
As a result of its position, Učka Nature Park includes an interesting mix of continental and Mediterranean species. The flora of the Park includes approximately 1,300 species. There are 167 species of birds. Endangered birds of prey are nesting on inaccessible rocks of the Park. They include the golden eagle (Aquilla chrysaetos) and peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus).
Life on Učka, thousands of years old, has formed a landscape that clearly points to a beautiful and useful coexistence. Livestock breeders used to clear dense mountain forests, in order to obtain grazing areas for their herds. The pastures Gospin Dol and Sapaćica were created in such a manner, as recognizable localities of the mountain in present times.


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