Lake and sea in closest vicinity – that is how we might describe Vransko Lake – the largest natural lake in Croatia. Immersed in the Mediterranean climate, but by no means deep – for the lake is two to five meters deep at the most – Vransko Lake is a natural phenomenon of a submerged karst field full of life. Due to the conservation of a substantial area of reed surfaces and endangered wetland habitats, the lake is an ornithological paradise. It is included in the list of Important Bird Areas in Europe, and the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance. Bird lovers will undoubtedly cherish their visit an unforgettable experience. From hiding places, one can observe the life of birds, their nesting and care for the nestlings. Vransko Lake is a treasure of ornithofauna, with more than 260 bird species recorded so far, over one hundred of them nesting in the territory of the Nature Park. Brackish water provides habitat to a unique combination of marine and freshwater species, which makes the area highly attractive for fishermen. Vransko Lake is connected with the sea by a man-made channel of Prosika, which was dug out back in 1770, and connects the lake with the bay of Pirovac. The panorama trail around the lake is forty kilometers long. Visitors who decide to enjoy a walk frequently stop at the little port of Prosika, and then proceed to the sightseeing point of Kamenjak, which awards visitors with a rare opportunity – a spectacular panorama of both the lake and the Dalmatian islands. The specific position of Vransko Lake right by the sea is the source of all its attractions and its abundant biodiversity. Mediterranean marshlands, Ravni kotari countryside together with the sea and islands make Vransko lake an ideal destination even for the most demanding visitors.


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