24 May | Central Dalmatia

European Park Day NP Krka

The European Day of Parks is celebrated on May 24th.

His goal is to bring people closer to nature and raise public awareness of the importance of preserving natural values ​​in protected areas and sustaining them. This is the day when parks and protected areas across Europe celebrate their successes and represent their values ​​to the local community, decision-makers and the general public.

The National Park "Krka" is unique in many ways.

The fact that the river Krka, throughout its 72.5 km flow through the extremely karst area, is a natural phenomenon, just like the rise of sedimentary barriers, which led to the emergence of aquatic habitats in which a marvelous living world has evolved. 

Preservation of water quality in the river Krka is the process of long-term pursuit of the management of the National Park "Krka". 

Flow rate and water temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration and carbon dioxide content and organic matter content in water are the main ecological factors affecting the development and survival of life communities at the barriers, so preserving the favorable flow of water on the barriers is a priority task of ecological protection. 

Rich flora and fauna and numerous speleological objects classify the river Krka into the monuments of nature of the highest category. Due to its geographic position and a large number of different habitats, along the river Krka there is an extremely diverse and picturesque plant world with 1,186 different species.

Endemic, rare and endangered animal species have included Krka among the most valuable natural entities in Croatia and Europe. Beside the river Krka, there are about one hundred caves and pits, of which sixty five are located in the Krka National Park. 

Educational workshops, information boards, rich publishing activities and thoughtfully crafted communication we strive for everything we value to be presented in an informative, professional and enjoyable way to present visitors to the Park and to the general public. Today's man needs return to nature in every sense. Not just as a recreational zone or a spiritual oasis, but as a living space that we know, respect and appreciate, its biodiversity...

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