17 Mar | Zagreb region

Plitvice Holiday Resort at Place2Go International Tourism Fair

At the Place2Go International Tourism Fair, Plitvice Holiday resort held presentation bout unique Croatian product. PLace2Go is the tourism fair held in the Zagreb Arena for the eighth time with the aim of bringing the world closer to Croatia, but also to Croatia closer to the world. The first of three days, when the Plitvice Holiday Resort had the presentation, was B2B day.  


More than a vacation, more than nature  


The fact that Plitvice Holiday Resort is a place that offers more than a vacation confirms a diverse range of camping and glamping accommodations, which includes accommodation units such as tree houses and lakes houses, "tipi" tents, mobile homes, and different camping pitches. Except for glamping accommodation and camping, there are options for accommodation in rooms or bungalows so that everyone can find something for themselves.  


What is characteristic for this resort is location and its connection to nature and landscape. Along with the natural surroundings, the greenery and the sounds of birds, there is a lake and a cascade with water gulps, so there is also with the atmosphere of Plitvice lakes. The resort offers various activities within a camp such as a children's playground, beach volleyball, children's playground and, so entertainment, sports and recreation will not be missed. If it is not enough for you, outside the resort, you can enjoy natural attractions such as caves, rivers and lakes, untouched forests or the historic city from the time of the first Croatian kings.   


"The place will offer you more than expected if you feel like a camper or as a glamper. If you want to escape everyday life and enjoy unspoiled nature, but with all the conveniences, then Plitvice Holiday Resort is the place for you."   


Minister of Tourism, Mr Gari Capelli, participated on the panel and pointed which pointed out that Croatia needs as many products as possible to unite its offer with natural beauties and to offer more value to every visitor. Topics on the B2B day was the importance of sport in tourism promotion, health tourism. Some of the successful models were presented and emphasised the importance and value of influencers in the promotion of tourism products.  

The Place2Go International Tourism Fair brought together exhibitors from over 20 countries, numerous lectures by well-known travel writers, and there were opportunities to win win some prizes!  

Plitvice Holiday Resort points out that it was a pleasure to take part in the fair, as well as introduce a product that is attracting more and more visitors from day to day both from Croatia and from the world. 

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