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Holiday in Podgora

Podgora used to be a small fishing village in the past, but today is one of the nicest tourist pearls on Croatia`s Dalmatian coast. Podgora is just eight kilometers away from Makarska and just a bit over eighty kilometers away from the popular city of Split. This picturesque and charming coastal town is one of the nicest places for spending a holiday. The town got its name by the Biokovo Mountain that is right behind this town, and its translation means ‘under the mountain’.
Today, many people know the beauties of Podgora, but there are still a fair share of tourists that still discover its hidden natural beauties, beaches, and other attractions that it has to offer to its visitors. You will find many nice and clean pebble beaches, long walking promenades along Podgora`s coastline, scenic places, and great hospitality of the locals. 

Why Visit Podgora 

Podgora has a great location on the Dalmatian coast and it is a beautiful combination of sea and mountains. You can enjoy the beaches or you can go hiking in the mountains and admire the scenic nature. It is the perfect place for spending a relaxing holiday and recharging your batteries. Podgora is also a great destination for those visitors seeking to experience a mix of modern and traditional holiday atmosphere, and for people looking to balance between trying modern activities and exploring natural beauties. 
The best way to explore Podgora is by walking and checking out its beaches and other hidden charms. The crystal-clear water of the Adriatic Sea, marvelous clean beaches, and unique vegetation is what makes Podgora stand out from the other places on the Dalmatian coast. Sunbathing on the rocky and pebble beaches of Podgora is a great activity from which your body and soul will get the biggest benefit. The beaches stretch along the entire length of Podgora, and beside the beaches, there are plenty of great music bars, cafes and seafood restaurants for any taste and budget. Do not forget to try some of the many delicious local meals and wines. 
Podgora is also a place where many popular festivals, cultural and sports events are held each year. The summer period is an especially attractive period when a number of popular events take place. You can attend many competitions and open-air festivals where you can enjoy dancing, singing or listening to local music bands. When it comes to sports activities, you can try mountain biking, hiking, swimming, diving, water polo, paragliding, windsurfing and much more. 

Beaches in Podgora 

The main beaches in front of the hotels are well organized and ideal for spending family vacations. They are all equipped with changing cabins, showers, trash bins, and there are also many snack bars, as well as numerous options for water sports. There are also many smaller beaches that are shaded by trees, as well as wide beaches for sun lovers. You can also explore lots of hidden wild beaches and smaller coves, where you can enjoy spending a romantic afternoon and watch splendid sunsets in a more private atmosphere. 
If you still want to explore more beaches, there are many other great beaches in close proximity to Podgora. Just a short drive away and you will find plenty of secluded and other popular beaches where you can sunbathe and swim. 

Other Attractions in Podgora

Besides enjoying the beautiful Adriatic Sea and the pebble beaches, you should also visit and explore the picturesque Biokovo Mountain nearby Podgora. From the mountain, you can enjoy amazing views on Podgora and on the entire coast. Hikers can enjoy observing the beautiful nature and unique wildlife in the mountain. There are many hiking trails and observation spots on the mountain, so make sure you explore as much as you can. Paragliding and kite-flying are a couple of other popular activities which you can try on Biokovo Mountain, or you can go check out the amazing botanical gardens of Kotisina.
If you want to explore further, you have many opportunities to go on organized boat excursions to nearby islands, while the city of Dubrovnik is also not very far away. You can also go on romantic night sailings or join the local fishermen on their fishing expeditions and catch fresh sea fish.

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