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Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Croatia. The park is situated in the mountainous region of Croatia, between the Mala Kapela mountain range in the west and northwest, and the Lička Plješivica mountain range to the southeast. Administratively, the park falls within two counties: Lika-Senj (90.7%) and Karlovac (9.3%).

The park is primarily covered in forest vegetation, with smaller areas under grasslands. The most attractive part of the park – the lakes – cover just under 1% of the total park area. The lake system is comprised of 16 named and several smaller unnamed lakes, cascading one into the next. The Plitvice Lakes National Park offers visitors eight different routes to tour the lake system, and four hiking trails. 

With park sightseeing programs, there are so many other attractions, activities and protected areas in our area, whose stories and beauty delight every visitor and here, we want present them to you.


Plitvice Lakes National Park is part of Lika Destination – destination of protected areas and a gastro-destination which offers an unique combination of inland and the sea, where you have the opportunity to experience no less than three climates in an only 30-minute drive, like in few other places, and truly experience this one-of-a-kind phenomenon of contrasts. Lika area covers the area of Lika-Senj, Karlovac and Zadar County, and since nearly 60% of the area covers the NATURA 2000 ecological network, the emphasis is on protected areas of nature. On the surface of 6,796 km2 there are: Plitvice Lakes National Park, Paklenica National Park, Northern Velebit National Park, Velebit Nature Park (Cave Zavratnica and Cerovačke Caves), Grabovača Cave Park, Baraćeva Cave, Croatian Center for Fish and Crawfish in Karstic Waters and Memorial Center “Nikola Tesla” Smiljan.

In the northern part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, taste the beauty of the Plitvice valleys – a region rich in the beauty of nature and the diverse past. Experience horseback riding in one of  horse ranches and ride through pristine near Plitvice Lakes National Park, visit ranch with wild deers, discover numerous cycling trails, visit old town Drežnik, try adrenaline sports…

In the southern part of the National Park, find the Plitvice Lakes tourist board which, through #DiscoverPlitvice program, wants to show you a rich and varied offer around the world famous lakes. Conquer surrounding mountains on bike or by foot, enjoy beautiful historical places, taste rich gastronomical homemade Lika cuisines.


And to experience true PlitviceFullExperience, Lika Destination and everything that we have mentioned, we have prepared an app for you with a list of activities and places you can visit and which we recommend to you from the bottom of our hearts.

Come for the lakes, stay for nature and adventure, #DiscoverPlitvice and #PlitviceValleys and experience #PlitviceFullExperience in #LikaDestination.

We look forward to your arrival!

Plitvice Lakes National Park