Kopački rit – a wetland home to thousands of species. A paradise for birds, and shelter to hundreds of bird species. A natural triangle between the rivers Danube and Drava, and the largest internal delta of the Danube. This area is one of the largest European wetlands and every new visit bringing a new insight into nature. Kopački rit is the most valuable zoological reserve in Croatia. It is the largest nursery and spawning area for freshwater fish in the Danube region, and one of the largest alluvial wetlands of Europe. Over 2,300 species have found their home in the Nature Park, and approximately 140 bird species are nesting in it. Kopački Rit Nature Park is located in Eastern Croatia, in the Baranja. There is a very interesting example of country architecture in the Nature Park – the Tikveš Castle complex. The complex, consisting of the old castle of Tikveš, together with the new castle with annex, a chapel and catering facilities, is located in the forest and the accompanying gardens. Located between the Danube in the east and the Drava River in the south, Kopački rit covers the area of 231 square kilometer. The area of the special zoological reserve includes approximately 70 square kilometers. The Nature Park is listed as an Important Bird Area (IBA), and, in 1993, it became a Wetland of International Importance in the framework of the Ramsar Convention. In 2012, UNESCO established the Mura-Drava-Danube Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, with Kopački rit as its extraordinarily valuable part. The unique appearance of Kopački rit is a result of constant flooding. Due to that phenomenon, water deepens the terrain in some areas, creating ponds. On the other hand, sedimentation of the material carried by the river results in occasional soil elevations, joining the ponds in creating a fascinating mosaic of submerged and exposed layers of the terrain.


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