The Mljet National Park is the oldest marine protected area in the Mediterranean and it has delighted its numerous visitors for 56 years with the colours and the scent of untouched nature. The Mljet National Park stretches over almost 5400 hectares, including a marine area of 500 meters from the coast, islands and cliffs, and therefore spans over almost a third of the island. Two deep bays filled with seawater, known as Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero (Small Lake and Great Lake) are the most famous locations of this area and an important geological and oceanographical phenomenon. The entire surface area of the park is extremely rich with life, and numerous endemic and endangered species are a testament of the importance of protecting it. The Mljet NP will not disappoint the fans of cultural heritage either, thanks to its numerous archaeological finds and the heritage of our ancestors present in the old island settlements. The Benedictine monastery located at one of the most beautiful locations in these areas, on the island of St. Mary on Veliko jezero is also the most visited location of the National Park. You can visit Mljet National Park by boat from Dubrovnik, Split and Pelješac, and by numerous excursion boats. Romantics can take canoes to the beaches and sea caves, and those looking for an adrenaline rush can join the traditional international triathlon race Mljet Half Ironman. The settlements of Polače and Pomena are connected to Malo and Veliko jezero with footpaths. One can also go for a swim or walk around the lakes and up to the peaks of Montokuc and Veliki Sladin Gradac. Visiting the Mljet National Park is a special and unique experience for all fans of nature, culture, old traditions and the Mediterranean air, all year round.


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