In the forest expanses of the region of Gorski kotar, two barren mountain massifs are clearly visible – Risnjak (1528 m) and Snježnik (1506 m). The landscape of the massif of Risnjak is more balanced, which is also reflected in the names of its peaks – Sjeverni Mali Risnjak or “Northern Little Risnjak” (1,434 meters), and Južni Mali Risnjak or “Southern Little Risnjak” (1,248 meters). These peaks are close neighbors too, just 1.8 kilometers apart. Snježnik, on the other hand, is an elongated mountain spur with lower peaks: Međuvrhi (1,460 meters), Guslica (1,490 meters) and Planina (1,426 meters). The thick and endless greenness of the forests of Gorski kotar has ensured the entry of Risnjak into the “society” of national parks of Croatia. On the surface of only sixty square kilometers or so, there are fourteen forest communities and thirty plant communities, and seventy percent of the Park’s surface is strict protection zone. When it comes to visitors, Risnjak is a highly accessible area. All attractions can be reached simply, and without any special preparation or equipment – all that is needed is excursion-style curiosity, and a desire to spend some time in nature. Several mountain climbing trails lead to the Schlosser Mountain Hut on Risnjak, and completing the walk along these trails is a genuine discovery of nature. Along the way, it is possible to see wild game on attractive locations. A visit to Risnjak is a visit to the area where the Pannonian and the Peripannonian space come closest to the Adriatic. This is where one can find the most beautiful glades of the Gorski kotar region. Enjoying the beauty of Risnjak means having a true feeling for nature.

Author of the main photo and the 1st photo in the gallery: Marko Vrdoljak

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