Welcome to the place where the steepest white Adriatic cliffs 162 meters high dive into the blue sea. Numerous coves, capes and rocks, and the safest harbor for those who sail – that is Telašćica. To many visitors, Telašćica is, beyond dispute, the most beautiful Adriatic bay. The Nature Park was named after it, and it includes local waters with 13 small islands. The bay itself is located on the southeastern part of the island of Dugi otok. It is immersed approximately 8 kilometers into the land, and in its southern, widest part, it is approximately 1.6 kilometers wide. The bay itself is very indented, and it includes 25 coves and capes, and five small islands. For many, the most impressive location on the external side of the Telašćica Bay are vertical cliffs, the most prominent cliffs on the Adriatic. These are the well-known Stene of the island of Dugi otok. At the locality of Grpašćak, they reach the height of 161 meters, with the maximum sea depth of up to 85 meters. Due to the presence of high number of birds belonging to these two protected species, Telašćica became part of the Important Bird Area (IBA) program. Corals live on rocks below the sea, including a rather rare occurrence these days: the red coral. The Mediterranean vegetation is abundant here, with over 500 plant species. The submarine world of Telašćica is marked by sandy bottom, with scattered stone oases and Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows. Lake Mir is located in a narrow band of land between the bay and the open sea. During high tide, it is easy to see the sources of the incoming sea. The lake is approximately 900 meters long and 300 meters wide, and its maximum depth is 86 meters. The salinity of water in the lake is higher than in the surrounding sea, due to considerable evaporation and closed nature of the lake.


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