The mountain area of Žumberak and Samobor is one of the least inhabited areas in Croatia. Life here has never been easy, and the only way to live it was to adjust to the laws of nature. Over thousands of years of their presence, people living in the area have managed to preserve the balance – as seen in the vistas of traditional villages, pastures and fields, that still merge harmoniously into the background of endless forests. It is precisely this mosaic of preserved traditional landscapes, coupled with the rich flora and fauna, geological characteristics and valuable archaeological findings, that attracts hikers, mountain climbers and nature lovers to the area today. The area is marked by an interplay of Dinaric, Alpine and Pannonian characteristics. Due to its relative inaccessibility, human impact has been kept to a minimum, which is why it this particular part of the Park remains closest to its original form. Karst covers as much as 90 percent of the Park surface. Various karst formations can be encountered as a result: dolines, karst valleys and blind valleys. The underground structures in the Park are interesting as well, with approximately 140 speleological phenomena researched so far. According to current knowledge, the deepest cave of Dolača is 155 meters deep and 1,262 meters long. The longest cave is Provala, with 1,862 meters of its canal topographically recorded. The valley of the creek of Slapnica is particularly attractive. Two cascades in the area are worth mentioning: Vranjački slap is one of them, a cascade covered in tufa – a “live” rock that keeps developing over time. A bit more upstream, there is the cascade of Brisalo – one of the highest cascades in the Nature Park, with the water diving from it into a small clear lake. The highest cascade in the Park is Sopotski slap in Sošice, 40 meters high.


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