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Why Croatia?

Ashley Colburn starts a journey through Croatia to find answers about why everybody should visit this beautiful country. Ashley drives in a van and discovers the most exciting places to see and things to do. One of her destinations was Lika. With her van, she can't drive more than 40 km per hour – no highways for her. She has time to see all the details and give us the answer to the question "why Croatia".

The first destination on this ultimate road trip is Rastoke, a beautiful small village located on two rivers. It is just right off the road – the azure-green waters of the Slunjčica run into the Korana over a series of travertine barriers, thus creating a chain of waterfalls, rapids, pools and cascades.

In the past, there were lots of mills, today not so much but you can find and buy some homemade products. After Rastoke Ashley wanted to find caves in this area and explore it, she visited Barać caves that are old more than 5 million years.

Next step is National park Plitvice lakes, the location you definitely shouldn't miss. There are 92 waterfalls, and the biggest one is long 78 meters. The whole park is 30 000 ha – if you would like to see it you would need at least one week. Of course part of it is for visitors - there are different routes so you can shoot which one fits you best. Our advice is to take as much time as possible to see the park, in fact, to really enjoy it.

After a busy day exploring the area, it is time to relax – Ashley chooses our tree houses at Plitvice Holiday.

Day after Ashley explores Lika and visits the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, located in a small place called Smiljan. His first inventions and small turbines are created in his home, at little broke Vaganac. Thirty years later some of his visions are realized on Niagara Falls.

Don't wait to realize dream to visit Croatia. Do it now,


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