06 Mar |


We are looking forward to the opening of the fishing season in 2019 on Vransko Lake!

We are also sure that many fishermen will cheer up not only the beginning of the season, but also new fishing rules. According to these new rules, Vransko Lake is allowed to fish from sunrise until 23 hours. Overnight stays in fishing and night fishing are not allowed.

Annual and daily fishing licenses for 2019 can be purchased every working day in the management of the Vransko jezero Nature Park, while only daily licenses are available at the moment, right up to the beginning of the season and the opening of info centers, every day on the field with nature conservationists. Be sure to consider purchasing licenses before starting fishing!
More about fishing read on Nature park Vransko lake.

Fishing - closed seasons:
PIKE: from February 1 to March 31
CARP: from 1 April to 31 May
CATFISH: from April 16 to June 15

See you at Camp Vransko lake - Crkvine !

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