06 Mar |

TOP 5 ‘’things to do’’ when you’re camping on Vransko lake

We have prepared a list of things you have to do while staying in our camp and in this beautiful unspoiled nature!

  1. Visit Nature Park Vransko Lake. Eventhough we are situated in Nature Park, official entrance is only 200 meters away from our camp. Educational trail above the lake, breathtaking view from Kamenjak or thousands of birds in ornithological reserve will make your visit worth a while.
  2. Take a bike ride all around Vransko lake with a bike rout a bit longer than 40 km. We can’t promise it won’t be difficult for amateur cyclists but it will definitely be a ride to remember.
  3. Boat ride on the lake is also something you must try while you’re here whether it is only for fun or you actually want to catch some fish for dinner.  If you are maybe more adventurous type try kayaking or stand up paddling on the lake. Surfing can also be an option if the weather is windy.
  4. Horse riding in the lake. You can’t have this everywhere, which is for sure. Right next to our camp you can experience horse riding in the lake. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced rider or just a beginner. It is also suitable for children as it is for adults.
  5. COMING SOON! In season 2019. Nature Park brings a brand new experience in their offer. You will have a possibility to take a tour around the lake in a big electrical boat and with it visit all interesting places on the lake. It will be like a small educational excursion through the park.

All from the above can be arranged at our reception.
Visit us in camp Vransko lake – Crkvine ,Zadar region, and experience nature!

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