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Everything you need for a perfect city break at Plitvice

A weekend getaway is always a good idea, and when it's about Croatia there are so many places to see and things to do! Notice that such a small country like Croatia, have eight national parks and 11 nature parks. Whatever park you choose you won't regret, but this time we will give you a few tips tricks for a perfect city break at Plitvice.   

 Why Plitvice?  

    When it’s about Plitvice, a picture is worth a thousand words. There are no words that can describe the magic of this natural wonderland. National park Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and the biggest Croatia national park. At the park, you can enjoy the beauty of sixteen lakes, divided into two parts - Gornja jezera (Upper lakes) and Donja Jezera (Lower Lakes), as well as numerous waterfalls and cascades.   

    When to visit?   

      It is a hard question to answer because Plitvice lakes are outstanding during the whole year, and to be honest; we can't tell if waterfalls look more beautiful wearing green or ice outfit. It depends on what you like more. You need to know that during the winter some parts of parks and boat lines could be closed because of weather conditions.  

      What to do in the area?  

        Since you are in nature wonderland, it would be good to spend every possible minute in nature. You can choose to go on some bike tour. Horse raiding also sounds good. There is also deer ranch Jelena. For adventures, spirit kayaking on river Mrežnica or safari would be a good choice.     

        Except for natural attractions, you will find excellent examples of cultural heritage. One of them is the old town Drežnik - an important part of the Croatian history. The old castle of Drežnik was first mentioned in the 11th century. Drežnik was a significant defence stronghold, which was conquered, demolished and renovated times and times again. Today, the external part has already been renovated. 

        Where to stay? 

          Do you feel like a camper or a glamper? Whatever you feels like, Plitvice Holiday Resort is the answer. The resort is located just 8 kilometers from the national park, and it is an ideal place to have a stay. Plus, it is open during the whole year. At Plitvice Holiday Resort you can choose camping or rooms, mobile houses, bungalows, but the most exciting part is tree and lake houses reserved for glampers. Tree houses have the capacity of 4+1 (tree houses), kitchen, kitchen and two bathrooms while lakes houses have a capacity of 2 people and one bathroom.  The tree and lake houses zone is situated around lake, small rivers and waterfalls. They are in pure nature, but close to all attractions and activities, we have mentioned. It is a place where you can expect more than vacation, more than nature.  

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