30 Apr |

Today I feel like a camper!

Dear camper, here we are again. Camping season at Plitvice Holiday Resort is open for almost a month. Campers are welcome to choose among 94 pitches and 22 camping places on 50,000 m2. Camping places are surrounded by green areas and evergreen trees, which provide a nice shade during the summer months.

There are four types of pitches and here is a short introduction about each:

Exclusive pitches are on central positions in the camp, far from the road. Large areas are near the pool and a sanitary facility. All connections are located on the pitches.

Premium pitches have water and electricity connections, away from the road, large areas, with a view, flat pitches for large campers and caravans, near the pool and a sanitary facility.

Comfort pitches are areas for large campers, caravans and large tents. They are close to sanitary facilities, close to sports grounds and playgrounds.

Standard pitches have someway-smaller areas. Pitches are close to the road, intended for small/medium-sized campers and tents, close to sports grounds and playgrounds, close to sanitary facilities.

Camping spots are spots for small and large tents at the grassy area. Those spots are near playgrounds and sanitary facilities. You will need an electrical cable,

Whatever you choose, you need to know that you will enjoy the modern oasis surrounded by ancient nature. And what we need to emphasise is that Plitvice Holiday Resort has an eco-camping certificate, so please join us and take care of ecology.

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